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sustainable socially | moving people to believe in sustainable practices through social media | sustainable brands + ideas + social media | jordan benshea | santa barbara, california
It is 12:07 pm on Wednesday and 64 degrees, I peered over my deck as I heard a car start and proceeded to watch what felt like an endless eternity, but in reality was 8 minutes and 30 seconds of a woman leaving her car idling. She walked back and forth into her townhouse 5 times to get and put back various things… all the while the car running. For the first 3 or so minutes I could see the fumes from the gas spewing out into the air.

She talked to her dog, she changed her shoe choice, she brought a blanket only to return it on the next trip, she fixed the angle of a plant on her patio.

She is not tracking down kids to pile in, or warming up the car amidst a snow filled driveway. All the while the car sits there idling, pouring emissions into our environment and making it that much harder for us to keep our planet sustainable.

This is why I created Sustainable Socially… because I believe there has to be an efficient way through social platforms to make this woman care enough that she wouldn’t dream of running her car for 8 seconds, let alone 8 minutes.

Because I believe if this woman knew that if her 8 minutes and 30 seconds was cut down to just 5 minutes and 30 seconds that she would have created 220 pounds of less CO2.

Because I believe that if she knew her choice was one that would not only effect her life directly, but those she loved, that she would make the effort to change.

Because I believe that this planet of ours needs to be cared for, because it is not just my planet or your planet, this is our planet. We only get one.

Jordan benShea

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