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sustainable socially | moving people to believe in sustainable practices through social media | sustainable brands + ideas + social media | jordan benshea | santa barbara, california

My name is  Jordan benShea, I am the Founder/Writer/Late Night Social Media Updater of Sustainable SociallyI am also a strategic marketing consultant, an active board member, a dog blogger, a social media enthusiast, a content creator, a brand cheerleader, a beekeeper, an amateur photographer, a published author, a serial observer, a foodie, and a nature lover. I am all of these, but most importantly I am someone who is consistently looking for opportunities to create a more sustainable world. Through collective action, we can use social platforms as a new paradigm for creating a more sustainable planet. To do this, we must believe. Sustainable Socially is about the intersection where sustainable brands, ideas and social media meet. Sustainable Socially believes we can collaborate through social media to help create a sustainable world.

I drive a plugin hybrid vehicle. Currently I am getting over 102 MPGs, have gone over 2,300 miles on one tank of gas. And yes, I share my experience of driving on sunshine throughout my social networks. Zoe and I were featured on a local Ford commercial sharing my story. I am not someone that likes to be the center of attention, but if it gets one more person into a more environmentally friendly car, it was worth my uncomfort being in the spotlight.

In June, 2015, I was honored to win the California Cox Conserves hero award:

Cox and The Trust for Public Land today announced Jordan benShea as California’s 2015 Cox Conserves Hero. Community Environmental Council, benShea’s nonprofit beneficiary, received $10,000. Representing Orange County, San Diego and Santa Barbara, the three finalists were chosen by judging panels from Cox’s California service areas. The finalists then competed in an online public vote to be named California’s Cox Conserves Hero. benShea has been instrumental in growing public awareness about the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens and is committed to the urban farm model. She also serves on the boards of the Community Environmental Council and Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association. She volunteers as a spokesperson for the organizations at community events to share her eco-experiences and encourage others to live a sustainable life.

Full press release can be read here.

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