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sustainable socially | moving people to believe in sustainable practices through social media | sustainable brands + ideas + social media | jordan benshea | santa barbara, california

Sustainable Socially believes in creating an open dialogue through social platforms moving people to believe in the importance of sustainability across brands and industries.

Sustainable Socially looks to identify the logical leap of implementing sustainable practices though marketing initiatives.

Sustainable Socially believes in the importance of personal and business decisions that lead to a sustainable future.

A digital meeting of the minds forum to discuss how we can encourage through marketing outreach the importance of a sustainable planet.  Personal and business decisions matter, from Kansas to Alaska, from India to Australia. Sustainable Socially believes in bettering the common good by utilizing businesses that offer sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Socially is committed to engaging in ongoing efforts to help our planet be sustainable. Founder, Jordan benShea is honored to be a Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Community Environmental Council, and donates her time and professional consulting to help create a sustainable community in Santa Barbara. You can learn more about the Community Environmental Council through their website and Facebook page. Jordan also serves on the Fairview Gardens (an organic farm and education center) Board of Directors where she actively engages the community on the crucial tie between our food system and the environment.


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