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sustainable socially | moving people to believe in sustainable practices through social media | sustainable brands + ideas + social media | jordan benshea | santa barbara, california

Sustainable Socially is based out of Santa Barbara, California with an aim to create an open dialogue through social platforms moving people to believe in the importance of sustainability across brands and industries. This is a digital forum where great minds gather and discuss how we can encourage through social communication outreach the importance of a sustainable planet.  Personal and business decisions matter, from Kansas to Alaska, from India to Australia. Sustainable Socially believes in bettering the common good by utilizing businesses that offer sustainable solutions.

How can you get involved?  Contact us below about learning how to become a contributor, or engage with us socially. Or maybe you want us to interview you or write a post about how you are utilizing social media to create the ties that bind people to believing in sustainability. Have a case study you want us to highlight? Wonderful! We are open and flexible!

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