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My Sustainable Shopping List

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I absolutely love to shop, and there’s nothing I love more than finding sustainable brands to support while doing so! Today, I found some super cute pieces that are not only fashionable, but also sustainable! Here’s my shopping list for your browsing pleasure, make sure to check out these brands and do some shopping while you’re at it!

theieves back dress


The Tie Back Dress by Thieves is light, flattering, and perfect for Spring! I love the intricate back, and obviously the fact that it’s made from 100% organic cotton! Easy to wash, easy to wear, and organic; it’s a match made in heaven for me!


ecocoture blue top



Pretty much all of the tops by EcoCoture in their Spring 2013 collection are gorgeous, but this blue sheer one is my favorite! The bow tie around the neck is such a cute touch and it’s perfect for that transition from work to play. EcoCouture offers beautifully fashionable pieces using eco-friendly materials. 




madeline shorts

The Madeline Shorts by Mountains of the Moon are perfectly tailored for a spring day. I love them in this color grey, but they’re also available in chocolate and black. They’re made from Hemp and Tencel fabric, and have a great price of only $22! A must buy in my book. 




mary necklace



One more from Mountains of the Moon (can you tell I love this brand?), The Mary Necklace. This handmade piece is so unique, and goes perfectly with the Madeline Shorts featured above! Great spring necklace, and as always it is made from organic materials!



That’s it for now, happy shopping everyone!

What are some of your favorite sustainable brands? Send your organic fashion our way! 

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