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4 Unsuspected Sustainable Randoms I Found Online.

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Every so often, I find some seriously random, yet awesome, sustainable things on the internet that I want to add to my life. So, I decided to share a few of these sweetly eco-friendly things with you!


These guest toothbrushes sold by Ruche (Found at: are made out of sustainable bamboo and are labeled “Guest” on the bottom of each handle. Perfect for the eco-friendly hostess.


Levi’s new WasteLess jeans are made of a minimum of 20% recycled consumer waste, making them nicely eco-friendly, not to mention fashionable.  (Found at:

These super cute “Thank You” cards are sustainably pressed on bamboo paper. The envelopes are pressed on bamboo paper, or 100% recycled paper. A sustainably, cute way to say “thank you”.  (Found at:


This entire house. Yup, the whole thing is sustainable. Sweet, modern design in Denver, CO. Check it out at:



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