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Sustainable Local: Fairview Gardens

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Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Julie Beaumont, Director of Farming Operations at Fairview Gardens in Goleta, CA. Everything they do at this farm is intriguing and fantastically sustainable! Read the interview I had with Julie to find out just how cool this place is, and be sure to show your support!


Sustainable Socially: “Hi Julie! We love the concept of Fairview Gardens, and want to know more about this awesome farm! So for starters, can you tell us a little bit about the history of Fairview?”

Julie: “Absolutely. Fairview began in 1895 and has been growing organically since then. In the 1980’s it evolved to multi-cropped farm and was supported greatly by the community. People would come out and help with weeding, planting, and basic farm duties. We developed into a non-profit, educational farm to keep the land preserved. It serves now as a great meeting place for people all around the area. Since we’re pretty centrally located, people can get to us from many different places to spend the day on the farm. Our doors are always open for visitors to take tours, walk around, and have a connection with the land. We feel that it’s really important to offer that aspect of the farm with the community, and assist in sharing nature with people.”

Sustainable Socially: “Wow! This place has quite a history! So how about you? What brought you to Fairview, and what drives your passion for nature?”

Julie: “Well I grew up in Montreal. Back home, my dad is a hunter/fisherman. Naturally, I was never exposed to buying meat and fairview-gardens-who-we-are-5always ate organically. My dad sent me to one of the best private schools in the area, which was great, but I always felt like the black sheep because I was more interested in sustainable living than what was being taught to me in school. I traveled to Paris, fell in love, and traveled around the world. I chose to live in Santa Barbara because of all the beautiful scenery, and my love for farming started around that time. I started a little nursery for myself, started doing research on farms in the area, and the day after I got my green card I started working at Fairview. Now I wear a lot of hats here, and I could not be happier.”

Sustainable Socially: “That’s awesome! I noticed you use social media. How does Fairview Gardens use social media to connect with their audience?”

Julie: “We’ve had a couple of transitions. Every one pretty much has their one love when it comes to social media. When I started here we had a blog and information on the website. Now we use Facebook actively and send information via email. We have a monthly newsletter about with updated information on the farm, and we communicate personally with every customer via email. Facebook has turned out to be the best place to advertise our classes and summer camps. We hold a summer camp here for kids for 4 weeks that is really great and very popular among the kids. We also hold multiple classes here for adults on every topic from raising your own chickens to planting vegetables, we’re very involved in educating people.”

Sustainable Socially: “Those classes sound fantastic, I might have to come out for that and get my hands in the dirt! Julie, thanks so much for your time, and for being a fantastic Sustainable Local!”

Julie: “My pleasure, thank you!”

To find out more about Fairview Gardens and getting involved in some amazing organic farming, check out their website and Facebook page! Thanks again to Fairview Gardens for contributing to the community in a truly green way!


What would you like to learn about organic farming? Would you make the transition to growing your own foods?

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