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Getting The Best Out Of Sustainability: Consumer Engagement.

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The business world is adopting sustainability and changing by the second to implement sustainable strategies in their daily operations. As we know, becoming an environmentally friendly business is not easy, especially if it’s a completely new practice. However, businesses are being pushed by their customers to make this change and their reward is one of the most important aspects of any business: consumer engagement.

Consumers are becoming highly educated on the environmental impact of the brands they use and are speaking up for change. As a sustainable business you have the advantage of having consumers on your side, so make sure you’re giving them a reason to promote you.

Open Dialogue
The sustainability of a product must cover the manufacturing, delivering, life of the product, and disposal in order to gain consumer approval. Getting this “badge” of approval is best done through consumer feedback, so encourage your customers to talk to you by providing comment sections on your website and social media pages. Allowing them to make suggestions on how to improve your sustainability will increase their trust in your brand.

Involvement in Environmental Causes
A great way to promote your business’s sustainability is to have a hand in non-profit causes working to create a better environment. Volunteer once a month at a CSA, send donations, or attend a fundraiser to promote your company’s support of environmental causes. This will do wonders for your sustainable consumers, and also serves as a great way to network.

Market Your Sustainable Changes
When you make changes in your product, manufacturing methods, or daily practices to increases sustainability, market them! These changes should be promoted as highly as product launches and sales. The public will not go searching for reasons to like your brand, so make it obvious to them that your business is constantly working to support sustainability and they will trust you.

In conclusion, sustainability can be a very profitable change for your company and always for the environment. Increase your consumer engagement, save the planet, and watch your brand trust rise by “going green”.

What changes, large or small, can you make in your business to increase sustainability? What recommendations would you make to your favorite brands to win your environmental approval? 

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