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3 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts to Adore!

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays (obviously, nothing tops Christmas, but there’s a second place option). It’s not just for relationships; it’s also for family, good friends, and people you want to show appreciation for. As I was gearing up for my annual Valentine’s giving, I decided: why not show appreciation for the environment on this holiday as well? So after doing some research, I compiled a nice little list of sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts for my friends and family. I hope you like these ideas as much as I did!

  1. Membership for a Wine CSA
    There are so many great community supported agricultures out there that make great wine! Why not support the locals, and get a nice evening glass of wine out of it? Best part: you can actually learn a lot about the wine process by buying locally!
  2. Sustainable bubble baths, lotions, and soaps from The Refill Shoppe
    In case you missed our interview with the lovely Michelle Stevens, owner of The Refill Shoppe, she has some amazing products and runs her business with organics in mind! Pick out a cute bottle and fill it with some of the best smelling scents to ever reach your nose! Browse The Refill Shoppe Here.
  3. Cute, sustainable clothing from NAU
    This Portland-based company makes some of the cutest clothes around, and they’re completely sustainable fashion! Supporting sustainable brands is always a big plus for me, and it’s a very unique gift! Shop NAU here.


What sustainable gift ideas do you have for this Valentine’s Day? Share with us! 


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