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Sustainable Contest Hosted by RecycleMania!

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I love contests, especially ones that promote green efforts and sustainable living in my community. In my experience, nothing gets a crowd going behind a purpose more than a little friendly competition, and RecycleMania is doing just that! This platform serves as a contest and a benchmarking tool for colleges and universities to judge their recycling efforts. For 8 weeks, colleges track the amount recycled versus the amount in the trash, and the campus that has the highest recycling rate wins! (In more ways than one, if you ask me!) This is such a great way to promote sustainability in the United States and Canada. The campus that wins will receive national recognition, as well as a press release by RecycleMania. Go on their website to see who’s participating, and help your local campus reach their goal of being the number one sustainable college/university!

Would you participate in a contest that promoted sustainable living in your community? At Sustainable Socially, we love our followers, and want to give you all a little excitement and inspiration! What kind of contest would you like to see us host for you? 

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