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The Post-It Solar Panel!

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The future of energy efficiency has just gotten as easy as Bandaids! Thanks to researchers at Stanford University, solar panels will be distributed in flexible form so they can virtually be applied anywhere, unlike their usual form which is heavy and stiff. These flexible solar panels have a peel and stick capability, where the back literally peels off and leaves an open adhesive so the panel can be “stuck on” to almost any surface. This is amazing news to businesses and homeowners who strive to be energy efficient, as the technology vastly expands the potential of using solar energy in any location. “Now you can put them on helmets, cell phones, convex windows, portable electronic devices, curved roofs, clothing – virtually anything,” says Zheng, a main researcher for Stanford. Personally, I’m excited to ride my bicycle around town with a solar panel on my helmet.

Where will you put your handy, peel and stick, pocket solar panel? 


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