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Four Sustainable Stocking Stuffers for your holidays

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After all, Santa doesn’t deliver toxic, non-organic products through the chimney, right? 😉

1. Organic Handmande Soap from SoapTopia!
Each of their unique, beautiful soaps are handmade from all organic products, and adds some nice decoration to a bathroom!


2. Organic Nail Polish from Priti NYC!
Fingernails often end up in mouths, so why should toxic nail polish end up there too? Priti NYC has made all of their polishes out of natural products so you can style worry-free with every color.


3. Facial Mask from Pangea Organics
Pangea Organics prides itself in creating all natural beauty products, creating beautiful skin with long-lasting organic results.


4. The Weekender Aromatherapy Drops
Whatever your mood, The Weekender has an aroma for it! This is one of my favorite organic products!


What are some of your ideas for Sustainable Christmas gifts? Share with us! 

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