Whole Foods Inadvertently Gettin’ Real in Social Media?

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One of the first question I get from my clients when they start to think about social media: “how do I get my product to go viral?” And than they tend to ask “what does viral mean?” For many people who work in social media the big joke is that if you want your product to go viral you show kittens, such as this one:

Do you see that number there near the hits? Yep, that is 48.5 MILLION. Can image if that was a brand with that success?

Recently SmartWater tried to create their own version of a viral campaign with Jennifer Aniston and all the elements said to be important for going viral:

And that video got only 9 million… just to refresh, that’s 48 million for a kitten, 9 million for Jennifer Aniston and all viral elements. So the other day on my Facebook stream across came this video of a dude rapping about being in the Whole Foods parking lot in West Los Angeles. The song has flowing lyrics and is now all over my Facebook streams. Take a look:

Right now that video is at 1 million, yesterday it was at 400,000. So here is the question, do you think that Whole Foods is behind this? Or do you think that they have just scored a viral campaign pumping their brand inadvertently?

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