Solar On Our Homes

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by Danyel Dean, Contributor




Real Goods Solar is a residential solar installer, one of the largest in the US.

This week Real Goods Solar presented at an investment conference in Southern California.  For the past six years I’ve been a equity analyst covering alternative energy companies and have kept them on my radar. Shortly after Real Goods Solar went public, I met with management. Their commitment to create a sustainable solar option was invigorating. It’s great to see the company’s strong commitment to sustainability support their profitable growth.  Real Goods Solar has an inspiring corporate culture that you can read more about here.

One ‘take away’ I really liked is how a solar system can be installed on a person’s home with no money down.  A home owner can now set up a Power Purchase Agreement = PPA.  With a PPA the solar buyer can arrange monthly payments that replace their electric bill, in some cases these payments are less than former electric costs.

REC Solar is California’s largest residential solar installer. Years ago, when REC Solar installed my home’s solar system, a residential PPA was not available. Even though I paid ‘up front’ for my solar system, I feel it was a wise investment.

One thing we know, electric costs will continue to rise.  It’s estimated that over the next 25 years a home owner’s electric bill will cost $100,000.

Real Goods Solar and REC Solar use SunRun Home to set up a residential PPA. With these new financing options, home owners can more easily contribute to a sustainable future.




Why Sustainable Socially likes this:

This PPA option provides a cost effective way to move people to believe in sustainability through more adaptable means. These solar companies are helping make the logical leap for a sustainable world.



Danyel Dean, Contributor
Danyel is an equity analyst covering alternative energy companies, an accomplished artist, as well as community organizer for the annual Empty Bowls Santa Barbara fundraiser that benefits the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. She enjoys living life to the fullest, reading good books, spending time with her family and being in nature.


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